Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility to society

We recognize that corporate responsibility towards society is an integral part of doing business. Thus we establish a healthy social responsibility.


Respect:Guarantee mutual trust and sustainable development in business and communication activities.

                 Responsibility, it can especially promote solidarity and professionalism.

Gender equality

Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection is helpful to protect resources and environment and realize sustainable development.

Scientific and rational use of natural resources, improve the recycling rate of natural resources. Establish a resource-saving social development mechanism, implement intensive management strategy, and realize the maximum value-added of products by relying on technological progress. While saving resources, strengthen the comprehensive recycling of waste and realize the recycling of waste.

Focus on developing products that are harmless to the environment and human health. Actively take preventive and remedial measures when the products may cause damage to the environment.

Gender equality

Maintain professional equality between men and women.

Professional equality is manifested in recruitment, career development, training and equal pay for the same position.

Health & Safety

Human resources are the precious wealth of society and the supporting force of enterprise development. Safeguarding the life and health of employees and ensuring their work, income and treatment are not only related to the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, but also to the development and stability of society. In order to meet the international requirements for corporate social responsibility standards, and to implement the central government's goal of "people-oriented" and building a harmonious society, our enterprises must assume the responsibility of protecting the lives and health of employees and ensuring their treatment.

As an enterprise, we should resolutely respect the law and discipline, take good care of the employees of the enterprise, do a good job in labor protection, and constantly improve the wage level of workers and ensure timely payment. Enterprises should communicate more with employees and think more about them.

Committed to engaging in constructive social dialogue with employees to formulate these safety, health, environment and quality policies.

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