• Flame retardant

    Flame retardant

    Flame-retardant material is a kind of protective material, which can prevent combustion and is not easy to burning. Flame retardant is coated on the surface of various materials such as firewall, it can ensure that it will not be burned when it catches fire, and will not aggravate and expand the burning range With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and health, countries around the world began to focus on the research, development and application of environmentally fr...
  • Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene (HPCTP)

    Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene (HPCTP)

    This product is an added halogen-free flame retardant, mainly used in PC、PC/ABS resin and PPO、nylon and other products.
  • Nucleating agent

    Nucleating agent

    Nucleating agent promotes the resin to crystallize by providing crystal nucleus and makes the structure of the crystal grain fine, thus improving the products’ rigidity, heat distortion temperature, dimension stability, transparency and luster. Product list:  Product Name CAS NO. Application NA-11 85209-91-2 Impact copolymer PP NA-21 151841-65-5 Impact copolymer PP NA-3988 135861-56-2 Clear PP NA-3940 81541-12-0 Clear PP
  • Plastic Additives

    Plastic Additives

    Plastic additives are chemical substances dispersed in the molecular structure of polymers, which will not seriously affect the molecular structure of polymer, but can improve polymer properties or reduce costs. With the addition of additives, plastics can improve the processability, physical properties and chemical properties of the substrate and increase the physical and chemical properties of the substrate. Plastic additives feature: High efficiency: It can effectively play its due funct...
  • Intermediate


    Chemical intermediate produced from coal tar or petroleum products , used as chemical raw materials to manufacture dyes, pesticides, medicines, resins, auxiliaries, plasticizers and other intermediate products. Product list: Product Name CAS NO. Application P-AMINOPHENOL 123-30-8 The Intermediate in the dye industry;Pharmaceutical industry;Preparation of developer, antioxidant and petroleum additives Salicylaldehyde 90-02-8 Preparation of violet perfume germicide medical intermediate ...


    Chemical Name: P-methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 4-methylbenzonitrile; P-tolyl cyanide; P-tolonitrile; P-toluenesonitrile; P-methylbenzonitrile; P-methylbenzonitrile; P-cyanotoluene; P-tolyl nitrile Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 104-85-8 Specification Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity:≥99% Density:0.981 Melting point:29.5°C Boiling point:217.6°C Fineness: Through 100 meshes. Application Used as pesticide and dye intermediate. Packing 1...
  • O-phenylphenol OPP  TDS

    O-phenylphenol OPP TDS

    Chemical Name:  O-Phenylphenol Synonym: 2-phenylphenol; Anthrapole 73; Biphenyl, 2-hydroxy-; biphenyl-2-o1; Biphenylol; Dowcide 1; Dowcide 1 antimicrobial; o-hydroxybiphenyl; 2-biphenol; collar phenylphenol; 2-hydroxybiphenyl Formula Weight: 170.21 Formula: C12H10O CAS NO.: 90-43-7 EINECS NO.: 201-993-5 Structure Specification Item Specifications Appearance White Crystalline Flakes Assay % ≥ 99 Melting point ºC 56-58 Boiling point℃ 286 Flash point℃ 138 Water% ≤0.02 Stability...
  • O-methylbenzonitrile TDS

    O-methylbenzonitrile TDS

    Chemical Name: O-methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 2-methylbenzonitrile; O-tolonitrile; O-methylbenzonitrile; O-Tolyl cyanide Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 529-19-1 Specification Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity: ≥99% Density: 0.989g/mL at 25°C Melting point: -13°C Boiling point: 205°C Application Used as pesticide and dye intermediate. Packing 1. 25KG barrel 2. The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separ...
  • 4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl  TDS

    4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl TDS

    Chemical Name: 4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl Molecular Formula: C14H12Cl2 Molecular weight: 251.4 Structure Specification Appearance: White solid powder Purity:≥98% Application Raw materials and intermediates of electronic chemicals, brighteners, etc. Packing 1. 25kg /bag 2. Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place
  • 3-Methylbenzonitrile TDS

    3-Methylbenzonitrile TDS

    Chemical Name: 3-Methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 3-Methylbenzenecarbonitrile;CNT;m-toluonitrile;META-TOLUNITRILE Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 620-22-4 Specification Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity ≥99% Density 0.976g/mL at 25°C Melting point -23°C  Boiling point 210°C Water solubility < 0.1g/100ml at 25 ° C Application For organic synthesis intermediates。 Packing 1. 25KG barrel 2. Keep in a cool, dry and dark...
  • Other Material

    Other Material

    Product Name CAS NO. Application Crosslinking agent Hyper-Methylated Amino Resin DB303 – Automotive finishes;Container coatings;General metals finishes;High solids finishes;Water borne finishes;Coil coatings. Pentaerythritol-tris-(ß-N-aziridinyl)propionate 57116-45-7 Enhance the adhesion of the lacquer to different substrates, improve the water scrubbing resistance, chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance and friction resistance of the paint surface Blocked Isocy...
  • Curing agent

    Curing agent

    UV curing (ultraviolet curing) is the process by which ultraviolet light is used to initiate a photochemical reaction that generates a crosslinked network of polymers. UV curing is adaptable to printing, coating, decorating, stereolithography, and in the assembly of a variety of products and materials. Product list: Product Name CAS NO. Application HHPA 85-42-7 Coatings, epoxy resin curing agents, adhesives, plasticizers, etc. THPA 85-43-8 Coatings, epoxy resin curing agents, polyeste...
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