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Optical brighteners are also called as optical brightening agents or fluorescent whitening agents. These are chemical compounds that absorb light in the electromagnetic spectrum’s ultraviolet region; these re-emit light in the blue region with the help of fluorescence

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Product Name CI NO. Application
Optical brightener OB CI 184 It is used in thermoplastic plastics. PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, SB, CA, PA, PMMA, acrylic resin., polyester fiber paint, coating the brightening of printing ink.
Optical brightener OB-1 CI 393 OB-1 mainly used in plastic material such as PVC, ABS, EVA, PS, etc. It also widely used in variety of polymer substance, especially polyester fiber, PP fiber.
Optical brightener FP127 CI 378 FP127 has very good whitening effect on various kinds of plastics and their products such as PVC and PS etc. It can also be used optical brightening of polymers, lacquers, printing inks and man-made fibers
Optical brightener KCB CI 367 Mainly used in brightening synthetic fiber and plastics, PVC, foam PVC, TPR, EVA, PU foam, rubber, coating, paint, foam EVA and PE ,can be used in brightening plastic films materials of molding press into shape materials of injection mold, can be also used in brightening polyester fiber, dye and natural paint.
Optical brightener SWN CI 140 It is used in brightening acetate fiber, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, acetic acid fiber and wool. I
Optical brightener KSN CI 368 Mainly be used in whitening of polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile fiber, the plastic film and all plastic pressing process. Suitable for synthesizing high polymer including polymeric process.


• Molded thermoplastics

• Films and sheets

• Paints

• Synthetic leather

• Adhesives

• Fibers

• Excellent whiteness

• Good light fastness

• Printing inks

• Weather resistance

• Small dosage

FP127 1
KCB 1-1
OB-1 Y 3

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