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Acetaldehyde scavenger

It is used to remove formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in polymers, especially as acetaldehyde

scavenger in PET bottles.

It also can be used as acetaldehyde scavenger for paints, coating, adhesive and acetic acid resin etc.

Hydrolytic Stabilizer

Improving the hydrolysis resistance of polyester

Recommended use: PBAT, PLA, PBS, PHA and other biodegradable plastics.

Environmental friendly inhibitor

Product Name CAS NO. Application
N-isopropylhydroxylamine (IPHA15%) 5080-22-8 It is environmental friendly inhibitor, widely used in SBR, NBR.
Inhibitor 701(4-Hydroxy TEMPO) 2226-96-2 It is a new kind of eco-friendly products because it can replace dihydroxybenzene and Intermediate material for synthesis of organic chemicals.

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