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Plastic additives are chemical substances dispersed in the molecular structure of polymers, which will not seriously affect the molecular structure of polymer, but can improve polymer properties or reduce costs. With the addition of additives, plastics can improve the processability, physical properties and chemical properties of the substrate and increase the physical and chemical properties of the substrate.

Plastic additives feature:

High efficiency: It can effectively play its due functions in plastic processing and application. Additives should be selected according to the comprehensive performance requirements of the compound.

Compatibility: Well compatible with synthetic resin.

Durability: Non-volatile, non-exuding, non-migrating and non-dissolving in the process of plastic processing and application.

Stability: Do not decompose during plastic processing and application, and do not react with synthetic resin and other components.

Non-toxic: No toxic effect on human body.

UV3638 (3)

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