Innovation and R & D capability of enterprises

The innovative R&D capability of enterprises is the foundation of realizing sustainable development and an important source of core competitiveness of enterprises. A good R&D management system plays a strong supporting role in the high-speed operation and continuous acquisition of competitiveness of enterprises.

With increasing competitive social environment, product and technology research and development has become the main battlefield for enterprises to compete. However, R&D project management is a comprehensive work with great challenges. How to meet the needs of customers and markets, coordinate departments and resources, establish an organizational mechanism, and coordinate teams to efficiently promote project research and development according to scientific and systematic research and development processes has become an important issue that modern enterprises must face.

REBORN insist "The good faith management, The quality first, customer is supreme" as the basic policy, strengthen self-construction.  We R&D new products by cooperating with University, keeping improve product quality and service.

In the future, we will devote ourselves to the research and development of new environmentally friendly plastic additives, carry out green innovation, and at the same time improve the comprehensive performance of polymer products. Adhere to scientific, rational and sustainable development.

With the upgrading and adjustment of domestic manufacturing industry, our company also provides comprehensive consulting services for overseas development and mergers and acquisitions of domestic high-quality enterprises. At the same time, we import chemical additives and raw materials overseas meet the needs of the domestic market.

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