Company profile

Nanjing Reborn New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded at 2018, is professional supplier of polymer additives in China, company located at Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

As an important material, polymer materials have played an important role in various industrial fields after about half a century's development. Polymer materials industry should not only provide many new products and materials with large quantity and wide range, but also provide more and more effective high-performance structural materials and functional materials for the development of high technology. Polymer additives not only improve the technological properties, processing conditions and processing efficiency of polymers, but also improve the performance, use value and service life of products.

Company products

Nanjing Reborn New Materials Co., Ltd. products covers Optical Brightener, UV Absorber, Light Stabilizer, Antioxidant , Nucleating Agent, Anti-microbial Agent, Flame Retardant Intermediate and other special additives, which have widely application in below industry:








Plastic additives feature

High efficiency: It can effectively play its due functions in plastic processing and application. Additives should be selected according to the comprehensive performance requirements of the compound.
Compatibility: Well compatible with synthetic resin.
Durability: Non-volatile, non-exuding, non-migrating and non-dissolving in the process of plastic processing and application.
Stability: Do not decompose during plastic processing and application, and do not react with synthetic resin and other components.
Non-toxic: No toxic effect on human body.

China's polymer industry is showing an obvious trend of industrial agglomeration, with the number of large-scale enterprises growing rapidly and the industrial structure gradually adjusting to the direction of scale and intensification. The plastic auxiliary industry is also being adjusted in the direction of scale and intensification. The research and development and production of high-performance green, environmental protection, non-toxic and high-efficiency plastic additives have become the main direction of the development of China's plastic additives industry in the future

Nanjing Reborn New Materials Co., Ltd.