• Optical Brightener Agent

    Optical Brightener Agent

    Optical brighteners are also called as optical brightening agents or fluorescent whitening agents. These are chemical compounds that absorb light in the electromagnetic spectrum’s ultraviolet region; these re-emit light in the blue region with the help of fluorescence

  • UV absorber

    UV absorber

    UV absorber is a kind of light stabilizer, which can absorb the ultraviolet part of sunlight and fluorescent light source without changing itself.

  • Light stabilizer

    Light stabilizer

    Light stabilizer is an additive for polymer products (such as plastic, rubber, paint, synthetic fiber), which can block or absorb the energy of ultraviolet rays, quench singlet oxygen and decompose hydroperoxide into inactive substances, etc., so that polymer can eliminate or slow down the possibility of photochemical reaction and prevent or delay the process of photoaging under the radiation of light, thus achieving the purpose of prolonging the service life of polymer products. Product list...
  • Nucleating agent

    Nucleating agent

    Nucleating agent promotes the resin to crystallize by providing crystal nucleus and makes the structure of the crystal grain fine, thus improving the products’ rigidity, heat distortion temperature, dimension stability, transparency and luster. Product list:  Product Name CAS NO. Application NA-11 85209-91-2 Impact copolymer PP NA-21 151841-65-5 Impact copolymer PP NA-3988 135861-56-2 Clear PP NA-3940 81541-12-0 Clear PP
  • Anti-microbial agent

    Anti-microbial agent

    End-use bacteriostatic agent for the manufacture of polymer/plastic and textile products. Inhibits the growth of non-health related microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that may cause odor, stain, discoloration, unsightly texture, decay, or deterioration of physical properties of the material and finished product. Product type Silver on Antibacterial Agent
  • Flame retardant

    Flame retardant

    Flame-retardant material is a kind of protective material, which can prevent combustion and is not easy to burning. Flame retardant is coated on the surface of various materials such as firewall, it can ensure that it will not be burned when it catches fire, and will not aggravate and expand the burning range With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and health, countries around the world began to focus on the research, development and application of environmentally fr...
  • Antioxidant CA

    Antioxidant CA

    Antioxidant CA is a kind of high-effective phenolic antioxidant, suitable for white or light color resin and rubber products made of PP, PE, PVC, PA, ABS resin and PS.

  • Antioxidant


    The polymer oxidation process is a chain reaction of radical type. Plastic antioxidants are some substances, which can capture active radicals and generate inactive radicals, or decompose polymer hydroperoxides produced in the oxidation process, to terminate the chain reaction and delay the oxidation process of polymers. So that the polymer can be processed smoothly and service life prolong. Product list: Product Name CAS NO. Application Antioxidant 168 31570-04-4 ABS, Nylon, PE, Polye...
  • UV Absorber UV-1577

    UV Absorber UV-1577

    UV1577 suitable for polyalkene terephthalates & naphthalates, linear and branched polycarbonates, modified polyphenylene ether compounds, and various high performance plastics. Compatible with blends & alloys, such as PC/ ABS, PC/PBT, PPE/IPS, PPE/PA and copolymers as well as in reinforced, filled and/or flame retarded compounds, which can be transparent, translucent and/or pigmented.

  • Nucleating Agent NA11 TDS

    Nucleating Agent NA11 TDS

    Name:Sodium 2,2′-methylene-bis-(4,6-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate Synonyns :2,4,8,10-Tetrakis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-6-hydroxy-12H-dibenzo[d,g][1,3,2]dioxaphosphocin 6-oxide sodium salt Molecular Formula:C29H42NaO4P Molecular Weight:508.61 CAS Registry Number:85209-91-2 EINECS:286-344-4 Appearance:White powder Volatiles ≤ 1(%) Melt point:. >400℃ Features and Applications: NA11 is the second generation of nucleation agent for crystallization of polymers as metal salt of cyclic organo ...
  • Nucleating Agent NA3988 TDS

    Nucleating Agent NA3988 TDS

    Name:1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol Synonyms :Millad 3988;  Nucleating agent 3988 Molecular Formula:C24H30O6 CAS NO:135861-56-2 Molecular Weight:414.49 Performance and Quality Index: Items Performance & Indices Appearance White tasteless powder Loss on Drying,≤% 0.5 Melting Point,℃ 255~265 Granularity (Head) ≥325 Applications: Nucleating transparent agent NA3988 promotes the resin to crystallize by providing crystal nucleus and makes th...
  • UV ABSORBER UV-384:2

    UV ABSORBER UV-384:2

    UV-384:2 is a liquid BENZOTRIAZOLE UV absorber specialized for coating systems. UV-384:2 have good thermal stability and environmental tolerance, makes UV384:2 particularly suitable for use under extreme conditions of coating systems, and meet automotive and other industrial coating system requirements for UV-absorber performance characteristics.

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