• UV absorber

    UV absorber

    UV absorber is a kind of light stabilizer, which can absorb the ultraviolet part of sunlight and fluorescent light source without changing itself.

  • UV Absorber UV-1577 for PET

    UV Absorber UV-1577 for PET

    UV1577 suitable for polyalkene terephthalates & naphthalates, linear and branched polycarbonates, modified polyphenylene ether compounds, and various high performance plastics. Compatible with blends & alloys, such as PC/ ABS, PC/PBT, PPE/IPS, PPE/PA and copolymers as well as in reinforced, filled and/or flame retarded compounds, which can be transparent, translucent and/or pigmented.

  • UV Absorber BP-1 (UV-0)

    UV Absorber BP-1 (UV-0)

    UV-0/UV BP-1 is available to PVC, polystyrene and Polyolefine etc. as the ultraviolet absorption agent.

  • UV Absorber BP-3 (UV-9)

    UV Absorber BP-3 (UV-9)

    UV BP-3/UV-9  is a high-efficienct UV radiation absorbing agent, applicable to paint and various plastic products, particular effective to polyvinyl chloirde, polystyrene, polyurethane, acrylic resin, light-colored transparent furniture, as well as to cosmetics.

  • UV Absorber BP-12 (UV-531)

    UV Absorber BP-12 (UV-531)

    UV BP-12/ UV-531 is a light stabilizer with good performance, with the characteristics of light color, nontoxic , good compatibility, small mobility, easy processing etc. It can protect the polymer to its maximum extent, helps to reduce the color. It can also delay the yellowing and obstacle the loss of its physical function. It is widely applied to PE,PVC,PP,PS,PC organic glass, polypropylene fiber, ethylene-vinyl acetate etc. Moreover, it has very good light-stability effect on drying phenol aldehyde, varnish of alcohol and acname, polyurethane, acrylate, expoxnamee etc.

  • UV Absorber UV-1

    UV Absorber UV-1

    UV-1 is an efficient UV resistant additive, widely used in polyurethane, adhesives, foam and other materials.

  • UV Absorber UV-120

    UV Absorber UV-120

    UV-120 is a highly efficient UV absorber for PVC, PE, PP, ABS & unsaturated polyesters.

  • UV Absorber UV-234

    UV Absorber UV-234

    UV-234 is a high molecular weight UV absorber of the hydroxypheny benzotriazole class, showing outstanding light stability to a variety of polymers during its use.It is highly effective for polymers usually processed at high temperatures such as polycarbonate, polyesters, polyacetal, polyamides, polyphenylene sulfide, polyphenylene oxide, aromatic copolymers, thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane fibers, where loss of UVA is not tolerated as well as for polyvinylchloride, styrene homo- and copolymers.

  • UV Absorber UV-320

    UV Absorber UV-320

    Uv-320 is a highly effective light stabilizer, which is widely used in plastics and other organics, including unsaturated polyester, PVC, PVC plasticizers, etc. especially in polyurethane, polyamide, synthetic fibers and resins with polyester and epoxy.

  • UV Absorber UV-326

    UV Absorber UV-326

    UV-326 is mainly used to polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, unsaturated resin, polycarbonate, poly (methyl methacrylate), polyethylene, ABS resin, epoxy resin and cellulose resin etc.

  • UV Absorber UV-327

    UV Absorber UV-327

    UV-327 has low volatility and good compatibility with resin. It is suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene, polyformaldehyde and polymethylmethacrylate, especially for polypropylene fiber.

  • UV Absorber UV-328

    UV Absorber UV-328

    UV-328 is suitable for polyolefin (especially PVC), polyester, styrene, polyamide, polycarbonate and other polymers.

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