• Hydrogenated bisphenol A

    Hydrogenated bisphenol A

    Chemical Name Hydrogenated bisphenol A Synonyms:4,4-Isopropylidenedicyclohexanol,mixture of isomers; 2,2-Bis(hydroxycyclohexyl)propanone; H-BisA(HBPA); 4,4′-Isopropylidenedicyclohexanol(HBPA); 4,4′-Isopropylidenedicyclohexanol; HBPA; Hydrogenated bisphenol A; 4,4′-propane-2,2-diyldicyclohexanol; 4-[1-(4-hydroxycyclohexyl)-1-methyl-ethyl]cyclohexanol Molecular Formula C15H28O2 CAS Number  80-04-6 Specification Appearance: white flakes Hydrogenated bisphenol A ,%(m/m)≥:95 Mo...
  • Intermediate


    Chemical intermediate produced from coal tar or petroleum products , used as chemical raw materials to manufacture dyes, pesticides, medicines, resins, auxiliaries, plasticizers and other intermediate products. Product list: Product Name CAS NO. Application P-AMINOPHENOL 123-30-8 The Intermediate in the dye industry;Pharmaceutical industry;Preparation of developer, antioxidant and petroleum additives Salicylaldehyde 90-02-8 Preparation of violet perfume germicide medical intermediate ...


    Chemical Name: P-methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 4-methylbenzonitrile; P-tolyl cyanide; P-tolonitrile; P-toluenesonitrile; P-methylbenzonitrile; P-methylbenzonitrile; P-cyanotoluene; P-tolyl nitrile Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 104-85-8 Specification Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity:≥99% Density:0.981 Melting point:29.5°C Boiling point:217.6°C Fineness: Through 100 meshes. Application Used as pesticide and dye intermediate. Packing 1...
  • O-phenylphenol OPP  TDS

    O-phenylphenol OPP TDS

    Chemical Name:  O-Phenylphenol Synonym: 2-phenylphenol; Anthrapole 73; Biphenyl, 2-hydroxy-; biphenyl-2-o1; Biphenylol; Dowcide 1; Dowcide 1 antimicrobial; o-hydroxybiphenyl; 2-biphenol; collar phenylphenol; 2-hydroxybiphenyl Formula Weight: 170.21 Formula: C12H10O CAS NO.: 90-43-7 EINECS NO.: 201-993-5 Structure Specification Item Specifications Appearance White Crystalline Flakes Assay % ≥ 99 Melting point ºC 56-58 Boiling point℃ 286 Flash point℃ 138 Water% ≤0.02 Stability...
  • O-methylbenzonitrile TDS

    O-methylbenzonitrile TDS

    Chemical Name: O-methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 2-methylbenzonitrile; O-tolonitrile; O-methylbenzonitrile; O-Tolyl cyanide Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 529-19-1 Specification Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity: ≥99% Density: 0.989g/mL at 25°C Melting point: -13°C Boiling point: 205°C Application Used as pesticide and dye intermediate. Packing 1. 25KG barrel 2. The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separ...
  • 4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl  TDS

    4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl TDS

    Chemical Name: 4,4′-Bis(cnloromethyl)diphonyl Molecular Formula: C14H12Cl2 Molecular weight: 251.4 Structure Specification Appearance: White solid powder Purity:≥98% Application Raw materials and intermediates of electronic chemicals, brighteners, etc. Packing 1. 25kg /bag 2. Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place
  • 3-Methylbenzonitrile TDS

    3-Methylbenzonitrile TDS

    Chemical Name: 3-Methylbenzonitrile Synonyms: 3-Methylbenzenecarbonitrile;CNT;m-toluonitrile;META-TOLUNITRILE Molecular Formula: C8H7N Molecular weight: 117.15 Structure CAS Number: 620-22-4 Specification Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid Purity ≥99% Density 0.976g/mL at 25°C Melting point -23°C  Boiling point 210°C Water solubility < 0.1g/100ml at 25 ° C Application For organic synthesis intermediates。 Packing 1. 25KG barrel 2. Keep in a cool, dry and dark...
  • 3-(Chloromethyl)Tolunitrile


    Chemical Name 3-(Chloromethyl)Tolunitrile CAS:: 64407-07-4 Molecular formula: C8H6ClN Molecular weight: 151.5929 Specification Appearance: white crystalline powder Melting point:70℃ Purity: 99%min Usage: Organic synthesis intermediates Package   1. 25KG bag 2. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials.
  • 2-Amino-4-tert-butylphenol


    Chemical Name 2-Amino-4-tert-butylphenol Synonyms: 2-AMINO-4-T-BUTYLPHENOL;2-AMINO-4-TERT-BUTYLPHENOL;2-HYDROXY-5-TERT-BUTYLANILINE;T-BUTYL-O-AMINOPHENOL;o-Amino-p-tert-butylphenol;2-Amino-4-tert-Butylphenol 1199-46-8;p-tert-Butyl-o-aminophenol;2-AMINO- 4-TERT. Molecular Formula C10H15NO CAS Number 1199-46-8 Specification appearance white crystal melting point 162-164℃ content ≥99%(HP moisture <0.2% ash <0.4% volatile <0.4% Applications: To make products such as fluorescent brighte...
  • 2-Aminophenol


    Chemical Name 2-Aminophenol Synonyms:C.I. 76520; C.I. Oxidation Base 17; 2-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene; 2-Hydroxyaniline; ortho amino phenol; o-Hydroxyaniline; O-Aminophenol; O-AMINO PHENOL; O-AMINOPHENOL Molecular Formula C6H4O4S  CAS Number  95-55-6 Specification Appearance: nearly white powered crystals M.P.:173-175℃ Purity: 98%min Applications:  the product functions as intermediate for pesticide, analytical reagent, diazo dye and sulfur dye Package   1. 25KG bag 2. Store the product...
  • 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt

    2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt

    Chemical Name 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt Synonyms:: Benzaldehyde ortho sulfonic acid (sodium salt ) Molecular formula: C7H5O4SNa Molecular weight: 208.16 Properties: white crystal powder, easily dissolving in water. Appearance: white powder solid Assay(w/w)%: ≥95 Water(w/w)%: ≤1 Water in solution test: clear Usage: An intermediate for synthesising fluorescent bleaches CBS, triphenylmethane dge, Package   1. 25KG bag 2. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilat...
  • 3-Methylbenzoic acid

    3-Methylbenzoic acid

    Chemical Name :  3-Toluic acid Synonyms:  3-Methylbenzoic acid; m-Methylbenzoic acid; m-Toluylic acid; beta-Methylbenzoic acid Molecular Formula:  C8H8O2 Molecular Weight :  136.15 CAS Number :  99-04-7 EINECS/ELINCS :  202-723-9 Specification: ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS Appearance White or pale yellow crystal powder Assay 99.0% Water 0.20% max Melting point 109.0-112.0ºC Isophtalic acid 0.20% max Benzoic acid 0.30% max Isomer 0.20% Density 1.054 Melting point 108-112 ºC ...
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