UV Absorber BP-5

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Chemical Name: 5-benzoyl-4-hydroxy-2-methoxy-, sodium salt
CAS NO.:6628-37-1
Molecular Formula:C14H11O6S.Na
Molecular Weight:330.2

Appearance: White or Light yellow powder
Assay: Min. 99.0%
Melting Point: Min 280℃
Drying Loss: Max.3%
PH Value: 5-7
Turbidity of Aqueous Solution: Max.2.0 EBC
Heavy Metal: Max.5ppm

It can improve the stability of shampoo and bath liquor.
Mainly used in water-soluble sunscreen agent, sunscreen cream and latex; prevent the yellowing of wool textiles etc.

Package and Storage:
1.25kg carton
2.Stored in sealed, dry and dark conditions

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