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Pentaerythritol-tris-(ß-N-aziridinyl)propionate is used to improve the adhesion of the coating on the protective film and shorten the curing time. It can also improve the corrosion resistance of waterborne coatings to water and chemicals, curing time, reduce the volatilization of organic matter and enhance scrubbing resistance.

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Chemical name: Pentaerythritol-tris-(ß-N-aziridinyl)propionate
Molecular formula: C20H33N3O7
Molecular weight: 427.49
CAS No.: 57116-45-7

Technical index:
Appearance            colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Water solubility         completely miscible with water at 1:1 without stratification
Ph (1:1) (25 ℃)        8~11
Viscosity (25 ℃)       1500~2000 mPa·S
Solid content           ≥99.0%
Free amine            ≤0.01%
The crosslinking time is 4 ~ 6 h
Scrub resistance       the number of times of wiping is not less than 100 times
Solubility              soluble with water, soluble with acetone, methanol, chloroform
and other organic solvents.

Proposed uses:
It can improve the wet abrasion resistance, dry abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance of leather. It can improve the adhesion and embossing formability of the coating when it is applied to the bottom and middle coating;
Increase the adhesion of oil film to different substrates, avoid the phenomenon of ink drag, enhance the resistance of ink to water and chemicals, and accelerate the curing time;
Enhance the adhesion of the lacquer to different substrates, improve the water scrubbing resistance, chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance and friction resistance of the paint surface;
Improving the corrosion resistance of waterborne coatings to water and chemicals, curing time, reducing the volatilization of organic matter and enhancing scrubbing resistance;
Improve the adhesion of the coating on the protective film and shorten the curing time;
The adhesion of waterborne system on porous substrate can be improved generally.

Use and toxicity:
Addition: this product is usually added to the emulsion or dispersion before it is used. It can be added directly to the system under intense stirring. You can also choose a solvent to dilute the product to a certain proportion (usually 45-90%). In addition to the system, the chosen solvent can be water or other solvents. For waterborne acrylic emulsion and waterborne polyurethane dispersion, it is suggested that the product be mixed with water at 1:1 and then added to the system;
Amount of addition: usually 1-3% of the solid content of acrylic emulsion or polyurethane dispersion, which may be added to a maximum of 5% in special cases;
The pH requirement of the system: when the pH of emulsion and dispersion system was in the range of 9.0 ~ 9.5, the better result would be obtained when the pH value was low, which would lead to excessive crosslinking and gel formation, and too high pH would lead to prolonged crosslinking time;
Validity: storage after mixing 18-36 hours, beyond this time, this product efficacy will be lost, so once the customer mix as much as possible in 6-12 hours to run out;
Solubility: this product dissolves with water and most common solvents, so it can be diluted to a certain proportion according to the requirements of the body in practical application.
This product has mild ammonia taste, has certain irritating effect to throat and respiratory tract, after inhalation can cause throat thirst, runny water nose, presents a kind of false cold symptom, should drink some milk or soda water as far as possible in this situation, therefore, Operation of this product should be in a ventilated environment, and do a good job of safety measures, as far as possible to avoid direct inhalation.

Storage  Place in a cool, ventilated, dry place. Store for more than 18 months at room temperature. If storage temperature is too high and for too long, discoloration, gel and damage, deterioration will occur
Package  4x5Kg plastic barrel, 25 kg lined iron barrel and user-specified packaging

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