Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether (ETB)

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Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether, the main alternative to ethylene glycol butyl ether, in contrast, has lower odor, toxicity and photochemical reactivity. It can be widely used in many fields such as coating, ink, cleaning agent, fiber wetting agent, plasticizer, organic synthesis intermediate and paint remover.

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Product Name: Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether (ETB)
CAS No.: 7580-85-0
Molecular formula: C6H14O2

Molecular weight: 118.18

Physical and chemical properties
Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether (ETB): An organic chemical material, colorless and transparent flammable liquids with a mint flavor. Soluble in most organic solvents, can dissolve amino, nitro, alkyd, acrylic and other resins. At room temperature (25 ° C), can be miscible with water, low toxicity, low irritation. Because of its unique hydrophilic nature and the ability to dissolve fusion, so it has a broad development trend in the field of environmental protection coatings and new energy.

Performance Parameter Performance Parameter
Relative density (water = 1) 0.903 Initial boiling point 150.5℃
Freezing point <-120℃ 5% 151.0℃
Ignition Point (closed) 55℃ 10% distillation 151.5℃
Ignition temperature 417℃ 50% distillation 152.0℃
Surface tension (20 ℃) 2.63 Pa 95% distillation 152.0℃
Vapor pressure (20 ° C) 213.3 Pa Quantity of distillate(Vol) 99.9%
Solubility parameter 9.35 Dry point 152.5℃

Uses:Ethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether, the main alternative to ethylene glycol butyl ether, in contrast, a very low odor, low toxicity, low photochemical reactivity, etc., mild to the skin irritation, and water compatibility, latex paint dispersion stability Good compatibility with most resins and organic solvents, and good hydrophilicity. It can be widely used in many fields such as coating, ink, cleaning agent, fiber wetting agent, plasticizer, organic synthesis intermediate and paint remover. Its main uses are as follows: 
1. Aqueous coating solvent : primarily for solvent aqueous systems, water-dispersible latex paint industry paint. Because the HLB value of ETB is close to 9.0, its function in dispersing system plays a role as dispersant, emulsifier, rheological agent and cosolvent. It has good performance for latex paint, colloidal dispersion coating and dissolving aqueous resin coating in waterborne coatings. , For interior and exterior paint in buildings, automotive primer, color tinplate and other fields. 
2.  Paint solvent
2.1 As a dispersant. The production of special black and special black black acrylic paint, acrylic paint usually requires a lot of time to high pigment carbon black grinding to achieve a certain fineness, and the use of ETB soaked high pigment carbon black, the grinding time can be reduced by more than half, and after finishing The appearance of the paint is more smooth and smooth. 
2.2 As a leveling agent defoamers, improve water dispersion paint drying speed, smoothness, gloss, adhesion fastness. Because of its tert-butyl structure, it has a high photochemical stability and safety, can eliminate the paint film pinholes, small particles and bubbles. Waterborne coatings made with ETB have good storage stability, especially under low temperature conditions in winter. 
2.3 Improve gloss. ETB used in the amino paint, nitro paint, to prevent the production of "orange peel" -like markings, paint film gloss increased 2% to 6%. 
3.  Ink dispersant ETB used as an ink solvent made, or as diluted dispersant used in printing inks, you can greatly improve ink rheology, improve the quality of high-speed printing and gloss, adhesion. 
4.  Fiber extraction agent  US Alied-Signal Company to 76% of mineral oil containing polyethylene fibers with ETB extraction, after extraction of the mineral fiber oil decreased 0.15%. 
5.  Titanium Dioxide phthalocyanine dye Japanese Canon company to Ti (OBu) 4-amino-1,3-isoindoline of ETB solution was stirred at 130 ℃ 3h, obtained 87% pure titanium Phthalocyanine dye. And the crystalline oxytitanium phthalocyanine made of porous titanium oxide phthalocyanine and ETB can be used as a photographic photosensitizer which is highly sensitive to long-wavelength light. 
6.  Efficient household cleaner   Asahi Denko treated with propylene oxide and the reaction product containing KOH ETB obtain poly propylene oxide mono-t-butyl ether, which is an ideal and efficient household cleaners. 
7.  Anti-corrosion paint  hydrosol Nippon Paint Company with diethyl ether, acrylic resin, ETB, butanol, TiO2, cyclohexyl ammonium carbonate, anti-foaming agent to prepare a sprayable sol water corrosion paint. 
8.  carbon film resistor of radio components   with ETB as liquid carbon film resistors resistance, smooth surface, can eliminate the pinhole and negative phenomena webbing and improve the performance of electrical components. 
9.  Fuel Auxiliary 
ETB can be used as a co-solvent and modifier in new boiler fuels, not only improve combustion efficiency, but also reduce emissions, as a new energy source for boilers and large marine diesel engines, there are environmental rigid requirements and policy dividend advantages.

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