Antioxidant B900

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Chemical Name: Combined substance of Antioxidant 1076 and Antioxidant 168


Appearance :White Powder or Particles
Volatile : ≤0.5%
Ash :≤0.1%
Solubility: Clear
Light Transmittance(10g/ 100ml toluene): 425nm≥97.0% 500nm≥97.0%


This product is an Antioxidant with good performance, wnameely applied to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene, ABS resin, PS resin, PVC, PC, binding agent, rubber, petroleum etc. It has outstanding processing stability and long-term protection effects to polyolefine. Through the concerted effect of Antioxidant 1076 and Antioxidant 168, the thermal degradation and oxnameization degradation can be effectively inhibited.

Package and Storage

It is packed in three-in-one compound bags with net of 25KG

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