Antioxidant B225

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Chemical Name: 1/2 Antioxidant 168 & 1/2 Antioxidant 1010
CAS NO.:6683-19-8 & 31570-04-4


Appearance: White or yellowish powder
Volatiles: 0.20% max
Clarity of Solution: Clear
Transmittance: 96%min(425nm)
Content of Antioxidant 168:45.0~55.0%
Content of Antioxidant 1010:45.0~55.0%


It with good synergistic of Antioxidant 1010 and 168, can retard heated degradation and oxidative degradation of polymeric substances during processing and in end applications .
It can be widely used for PE, PP, PC, ABS resin and other petro-products .The amount to be used may be 0.1%~0.8%.

Package and Storage

It is packed in three-in-one compound bags with net of 25KG

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