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Chemical Name 4-(Chloromethyl)benzonitrile
Molecular Formula C8H6ClN
Molecular Weight 151.59

CAS Number 874-86-2

Specification Appearance: White acicular crystal
Melting point: 77-79℃
Boiling point: 263 °C
Content: ≥ 99%

The product has irritating odor. Easily soluble in ethyl alcohol, trichloromethane, acetone, toluene, and other organic solvents. It is used in synthesizing stilbene fluorescent brightener. Usage Intermediate of pyrimethamine. In preparing p-Chlorobenzyl alcohol, p-chlorobenzaldehyde, p-chlorobenzyl cyanide, etc.

Usage Medicine, pesticide, dye intermediate

Package and Storage
1. 25KG bag
2. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials.

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