Aldehyde resin, also known as polyacetal resin, is a kind of resin with excellent yellowing resistance, weather resistance and compatibility. Its color is white or slightly yellow, and its shape is divided into circular flake fine particle type after granulation process and irregular fine particle type without granulation process. It is used in solvent-based inks and coatings, general colorants, solvent-free coatings, UV-curable coatings, adhesives, powder coatings, resin modification and other systems to improve the yellowing resistance and weather fastness. Because of its product performance and stability, it has been fully recognized and used by the majority of paints, inks, coatings and other manufacturers.

Polyaldehyde resin A81-1


Appearance:white or light yellow transparent solid

Softening point ℃: 85~105

Chromaticity(iodine colorimetry)≤1

Acid value(mgkoH/g)≤2

Hydroxyl value(mgKOH/g):40~70

Applications :This product is mainly used in coating industry, printing ink industry and adhesion agent field.

1. Printing ink industry

●  Used in plastic surface printing ink, plastic compound printing ink, aluminium foil printing ink, gold blocking printing ink, paperboard printing ink, anti-forgery ink, transparent ink, heat transfer printing ink to improve glossiness, adhesive force, levelling property and drying capacity, recommended 3%-5%

●  Used in solvent type gravure, flexography and silk-screen printing to improve pigment wettability, glossiness and solid content. recommended 3%-8%

●  Used in cigarette case oil polish, paper oil polish, leather oil polish, shoes oil polish, fingermail oil polish, tipping paper printing ink to improve glossiness, adhesive force, drying property and printing property, recommended 5%-10%

●  Used in ball-point pen printing ink to endow it with specialrheological property

●  Used in high temperature resistant milk carton printing ink and in other system, recommended 1%-5%

●  Used in ink, lakes, fiber type printing ink, excellent water proofing property

●  Mixed with styrene and modified crylic acid to manufacturing copying machine used toner

Polyaldehyde resin A81-2

1.Coating industry

●  In manufacturing of wood varnish or color paint and wood primer Dosage3%-10%

●  Used in nitro metallic paint to promote solid content, glossiness, adhesive force; as mechanical finishing coat, primer and refinishing paint; having strong adhesive force on steel, copper, aluminum and zinc Dosage5%

●  Used in cellulose nitrate or acetylcellulose paper coating to improve fast drying, whiteness, glossiness, flexibility, wear resistance and elasticity Dosage5%

●  Used in baking paint to improve drying speed Dosage5%

●  Used in chlorinated rubber paint and vinyl chloride copolymer paint to reduce viscosity, improve adhesive force replace base stock by 10%

●  Used in polyurethane system to improve water proofing property, heat resistance and corrosion resistance Dosage4~8%

●  Suitable for nitrolacquer, plastic coating, acrylic resin paint, hammer paint, automobile varnish, automobile repair paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint Dosage5%


1.  Adhesive field

●  Aldehyde& ketone resin is suitable for cellulose nitrate adhesive used in bonding of textiles, leather, paper and other material.

●  Aldehyde& ketone resin is applied in hot melting compound with butyl acetoacetic cellulose due to excellent heat stability to control melt viscosity and hardness of cooling block.

●  Aldehyde& ketone resin is soluble in ethyl alcohol and is with certain hardness. It is suitable for manufacturing of polishing agent and wood surface treating agent.

●  Aldehyde& ketone resin is used as textile water-proofing agent in cleaning.

●  Aldehyde& ketone resin is used in polyurethane component adhesive to improve adhesion fastness, brightness, water proofing property and weather fastness.

Special reminder

It is normal for A81 aldehyde resin to have a slight change in color, and it will not have any effect on the characteristics of the product. The information and recommended usage amount provided by our company are based on our current knowledge and experience. Considering that there are many factors that will affect processing and usage, it is recommended that manufacturers conduct more technical tests according to their own product formulations and raw material usage, and then determine add amount or mix plan. Excessive addition and use will change the physical and chemical properties of the coating product. If there are special requirements, amount of tests are recommended.

Packing:  25KG/BAG

Storage:  Store in dark, moisture-proof and room temperature conditions, it is recommended that the stacking layer of aldehyde resin be 5 layers.

Shelf life:  Two years. After the expiration, if the indicators meet the standards, they can continue to be used.

Post time: Feb-28-2022