1.   1.Introduction

Fire-retardant coating is a specialty coating that can reduce the flammability, block the rapid spread of fire, and improve limited fire-endurance of the coated material.

  1. 2.Operating principles

2.1 It is not flammable and can delay the burning or the deterioration of materials’ performance due to high temperature.

2.2 The thermal conductivity of fireproof coating is low, which can slow down heat to transfer from heat source to substrate.

2.3 It can decompose into inert gas at high temperature and dilute the concentration of combustion supporting agent.

2.4 It will decompose after heating, which can interrupt the chain reaction.

2.5 It can form a protective layer on the surface of the substrate, isolate oxygen and slow down heat transfer.

  1. 3.Product Type

According to the operating principle, fire retardant coatings can be divided into Non-Intumescent Fire retardant Coatings and Intumescent Fire retardant Coatings:

3.1 Non-intumescent Fire retardant Coatings.

It is composed of non-combustible base materials, inorganic fillers and flame retardants, in which inorganic salt system is the mainstream.

3.1.1 Features: the thickness of this kind of coating is about 25mm. It is a thick fire-proof coating,and has high requirements for the bonding ability between the coating and the substrate. With high fire resistance and low thermal conductivity, it has great advantages in places with high fire protection requirements. It is mainly used for fire prevention of wood, fiberboard and other board materials, on the surfaces of wood structure roof truss, ceiling, doors and windows, etc.

3.1.2 Applicable flame retardants:

FR-245 can be used together with Sb2O3 for synergistic effect. It has high thermal stability, UV resistance, migration resistance and ideal notch impact strength.

3.2 Intumescent Fire retardant Coatings.

The main components are film formers, acid sources, carbon sources, foaming agents and filling materials.

3.2.1 Features: the thickness is less than 3mm, belonging to ultra-thin fire-proof coating, which can expand to 25 times in case of fire and form a carbon residue layer with fire prevention and heat insulation, effectively extending the fire-resistant time of the base material. The non-toxic intumescent fireproof coating can be used for protecting cables, polyethylene pipes and insulating plates. Lotion type and solvent type can be used for fire protection of buildings, electric power and cables.

3.2.2 Applicable flame retardants:Ammonium polyphosphate-APP

Compared with halogen containing flame retardants, it has the characteristics of low toxicity, low smoke and inorganic. It is a new type of high efficiency inorganic flame retardants. It can not only be used to make Intumescent Fire retardant Coatings, but also be used for ship, train, cable and high-rise building fire treatment.

  1. 4.Applications and Market Demand

With the development of urban subway and high-rise buildings, more fire retardant coatings are needed by supporting facilities. At the same time, the gradual strengthening of fire safety regulations has also brought opportunities to the development of market. Fire-retardant coatings can be used in the surface of organic synthetic materials to maintain the excellent performance,and reduce the effect of halogens like shortening products’ service life and damaging the properties. For steel structures and concrete structures, the coatings can effectively reduce the heating rate, prolong the time of deformation and damage in the event of fire, win time for fire fighting and reduce fire losses.

Affected by the epidemic, the global output value of fire retardant coatings decreased to US $1 billion in 2021. However, with the global economic recovery, the fire retardant coating market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% from 2022 to 2030. Among them, Europe holds the largest share in the market. In some countries and regions in Asia Pacific and Latin America, the vigorous development of the construction industry has significantly increased the demand for fire retardant coatings. It is expected that the Asia Pacific region will become the fastest growing market for fire retardant coatings from 2022 to 2026.

Global Fire Retardant Coating Output Value 2016-2020


Year Output Value Growth Rate
2016 $1.16 Billion 5.5%
2017 $1.23 Billion 6.2%
2018 $1.3 Billion 5.7%
2019 $1.37 Billion 5.6%
2020 $1.44 Billion 5.2%


Post time: Aug-16-2022