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DB 117 is a cost-effective, liquid heat and light stabilizer system, containing light stabilizer and antioxidant components, imparting excellent light stability to a number of polyurethane systems during its use.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Yellow, viscous liquid
Density (20 °C): 1.0438 g/cm3
Viscosity (20 °C):35.35 mm2/s


DB 117 is used in polyurethanes such as Reaction Injection Molding ,thermoplastic polyurethane synthetic leather, cast polyurethanes, etc. The blend can also be used in sealant and adhesive applications, in polyurethane coating on tarpaulin and flooring, in molded foams as well as in integral skins.


DB 117 prevents the processing, light and weather induced degradation of polyurethane products such as shoe soles, instrument and door panels, steering wheels, window encapsulations, head and arm rests in a cost-effective way.
DB 117 can be easily added to aromatic or aliphatic polyurethane systems for thermoplastic moldings, semi-rigid integral foams, in-mold skinning, dope applications. It can be used with natural and pigmented materials. Particularly suitable for preparing light stable color pastes for the above mentioned systems.
DB 117 is an easy to pump, pourable liquid allowing dust free handling, automatic dosage and shortening of mixing time. It allows to gain productivity in reducing weighing or metering to one single operation. Being an all liquid package no sedimentation of additives in the polyol phase occurs not even at low temperatures.
Additionally, DB 117 has proven to be resistant to exudation/crystallization in many tested PUR systems.


0.2 % and 5 %, depend on the substrate and performance requirements of the final application.

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