Antioxidant 626 is a high performance organo-phosphite antioxidant designed for use in demanding production processes to make ethylene and propylene homopolymers and copolymers as well as for the manufacture of elastomers and engineering compounds particularly where excellent colour stability is required. 

Antioxidant 626 has a higher phosphorus concentration than traditional phosphite antioxidants, and can be used at a lower concentration. This results in lower migration and the production of low volatile-content plastics that can align with the requirements of food packaging manufacturers. 

Key product features of Antioxidant 626 include: 

● Excellent colour stability during compounding, fabrication and end use

● Reduction in polymer degradation during processing

● Higher phosphorous content resulting in a higher performance at lower loadings for cost effective formulations

● Synergism when used with light stabilisers such as benzophenones and benzotriazoles. 

Antioxidant 626 BENEFITS IN USE 

Antioxidant 626 for BOPP Applications; 

● Less film breakage allowing for higher machine up times

● Faster line speeds

● Crystal clear films

Antioxidant 626 for PP Fibre Applications 

● High output

● Less fibre breakage

● High tenacity

● Excellent melt flow retention 

Antioxidant 626 for Thermoforming Applications 

● Maintain molecular weight for high melt strength

● Excellent colour retention

● Excellent melt flow retention

Post time: Jan-29-2024